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Alexa Skill Terms and Conditions:

  1. This Terms of Use agreement applies to the user of our Alexa Skills.
  2. By using our Alexa Skills, you agree to these Terms of Use and the associated Privacy Policy.
  3. “Alexa” refers to the Alexa Voice Service provided by Amazon, which includes third-party services such as our skills.
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  5. Our skills or parts of them may change or be updated at any time, and our Terms of Use may also change. Your continued use of our skills constitutes acceptance of any changes.
  6. We develop Alexa Skills and strive to improve digital products and services.
  7. Services related to real estate inspections provided by Overall Plumbing are not guaranteed. Rates for real estate inspections may differ from published or advertised rates, and promotional or special pricing may not apply. The discretion in providing such rates lies solely with Overall Plumbing.

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