Leak Detection & Repair Services

If you’re in the greater Boise, ID area, you can count on Overall Plumbing for excellent leak detection and repair services. Water leaks are some of the most common plumbing problems that Treasure Valley homeowners have to deal with. These leaks can have a wide variety of causes, and even if you take exceptional care of your plumbing system, you can’t always avoid them. And because water leaks often occur in hidden and seldom-visited areas of your home, they can often go unnoticed for long periods of time. However, at Overall Plumbing, our expert team members are very skilled at locating hidden leaks and repairing them.

Whether the leak is coming from a toilet, a faucet, or a hidden water pipe, our plumbers will quickly find it and take care of it before it can cause any further negative effects on your home.

Signs You Have Water Leaks in Your Home

If there are water leaks in your home, then it’s very important that you notice them early on. When these leaks are allowed to linger, they can quickly start to cause a variety of significant problems for your household. For example, if the leaks are bad enough, they can lead to serious water damage and potentially even flooding. Additionally, all that moisture can create the perfect environment for mold to grow and flourish in your home, and before you know it, you could have a nasty infestation.

Listed below are a few of the symptoms you might start to notice if your home is harboring water leaks. It’s important that you don’t ignore these warning signs when you encounter them.

  • Low Water Pressure If any of your pipes have significant leaks, then lots of water is likely escaping regularly. So, when you try to run water through any of your faucets, there won’t be enough water to produce the strong flow that you’re used to. If only one of your home’s fixtures has low water pressure, it’s probably an isolated problem. However, if it’s happening with multiple faucets, there could be a more significant plumbing issue.
  • Increased Water Bills When your plumbing system is frequently losing water due to leaks, it leads to your household using more total water. Throughout the year, it’s wise to monitor your monthly water bills to watch for any unexplained spikes. If the bills suddenly start rising, there may be a hidden leak somewhere.
  • Water Stains on Ceilings If you see a dark spot appear on the ceiling in your home and gradually get larger, it almost certainly means that water is leaking above it.
  • Mold Growth Sometimes, when one or more water leaks are left to linger for weeks or months, a nasty fungus like mold may start to grow. If you find mold colonies or start to smell a musty, stale odor in your home, it’s worth hiring leak detection experts.

Reliable Leak Detection and Repair

Although you may recognize the signs of water leaks in your home, being able to actually locate and remedy those leaks is a different matter entirely. Unfortunately, most homeowners really don’t know when to start when it comes to leak detection. That’s where our skilled and knowledgeable team at Overall Plumbing can help. In truth, all you need to do is recognize that there may be leaks in your home and let us know of your suspicions. From there, our leak detection experts will handle the rest. Water leaks frequently appear in areas of your house where you would probably never think to look, but our team is aware of all those places. They’ll give your plumbing system, appliances, and fixtures a thorough inspection and locate any leaks that are present. Plus, they’ll do it without needing any overly invasive procedures, so you don’t need to worry about your beautiful home being torn apart.

Once we’ve found leaks in your home, we’ll determine the best way to proceed. If the issue can be effectively solved by simply sealing up a leak, our plumbers will take care of that in no time. However, if a more serious remedy, such as pipe replacement, is required, we’ll be glad to handle that as well. By the time we’re finished, your home will be leak-free, and your plumbing system will once again be functioning smoothly.

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If you find leaks in your Boise area home or have reason to suspect that hidden leaks are lingering, all you need to do is give us a call at Overall Plumbing. As soon as you schedule an appointment with our team, we’ll go above and beyond to meet all of your needs. We’ll provide you with superlative customer service, answer all of your questions, and handle the job with absolute professionalism. If you need help eliminating the water leaks in your home, contact us for dependable Boise leak detection and repair services.

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