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Do You Have One of These Five Problems Now?
  • Toilet Trouble. Gurgling or Leaking Water? Water Bill too High?
    OVERALL PLUMBING can quickly and economically solve your problem.
  • Water Leak. Special equipment to find exact spot of the leak to minimize your cost.
  • No Hot Water. Most of the time I can get your hot water back on without replacing your water heater. And if you do need a new water heater, I'll normally have it installed in less than two hours, saving you both time & money
  • Tankless Water Heaters. Not all tankless water heaters are equal. We install Navien™.. With an efficiency rating of 98%, they are the most efficient on the market. Saving you the most money.
  • Main Water Line Leak. If you need your water line replaced, we use special boring equipment to prevent lawn damage and guarantee you will not find a cleaner job.
  • Blocked Sewer. OVERALL PLUMBING is the only company in the area that has Drain Vision™. This unique machine allows us to find yor real problem quickly and virtually eliminates call-backs.
  • Slow Drains. We recommend BIO-CLEAN™. to prevent plugged drains.
Customer Satisfaction
"Technician did an outstanding job and was a pleasure to do business with."
Liz, Boise, ID

"Thank-you for coming in a quick and timely manner. Service was excellent."
Parley, Caldwell, ID

"Technician from Overall Plumbing arrived within the hour after I called. He was great and did a very good job."
Cindy, Meridian, ID